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FlowState: Pune's First Asphalt Pumptrack

In Pune, where cycling is deeply ingrained in its history, from being a primary mode of transport in bygone days to the emergence of mountain biking in the '90s, the city's cycling culture has evolved significantly. The latest chapter in this journey unfolds with FlowState, India's largest asphalt pump track, a testament to Pune's enduring love for cycling.

A Symphony of Enthusiasts

Manik Taneja's vision, embodied in Flow State, received unwavering support from Pune's mountain biking community. This tight-knit group, bound by a shared love for cycling, not only gathered to celebrate their passion but actively contributed to the creation of Flow State, marking a collaborative achievement.

man shovelling asphalt
Manik Taneja, the man behind FlowState

The Italian Influence: Fair Trails

Guiding this ambitious project were the seasoned trail builders from Italy, Fair Trails. Renowned for their expertise in crafting asphalt pump tracks, their collaboration with Pune's biking community added an international flair to the project, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

making an asphalt pumptrack
Fair Trails getting the work started on the Asphalt Pumptrack

Crafting Community, One Turn at a Time

Every twist and turn of Flow State reflects the communal effort of Pune's mountain biking enthusiasts. Weekends turned into working sessions as the community collectively contributed to shaping the asphalt pumptrack. From meticulous placement of elements to smoothing the asphalt, each step underscored the shared love for the sport.

compacting asphalt
The MTB community giving their full support to the Pumptrack construction

Pune: The Hub of Pump Track Innovation

With the addition of Flow State, Pune further solidified its standing as the hub for pump track innovation in India. Now home to an array of tracks, the city caters to riders of diverse ages and skill levels, fostering an environment of inclusivity.

Learning from Flow State

For Pump Track India, Flow State is not merely an asphalt pump track; it's a lesson in community-driven progress. This project highlights that collaboration can be a potent force, even in a landscape that values shared adventure over competition.

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